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About Benjamin Wilder

Benjamin Wilder – is the founder and director of a company who during more than 10 years has been doing business in monetary and financial spheres. Benjamin Wilder decided to launch his own innovative start-up when cryptocurrency got a global scale and markets became full of large companies. They just crowded all the smaller competitors out of the market. Due to the extensive gained experience, he was able to develop the idea and establish his own investment platform.

Thanks to a high-qualified team of financiers, today the company does business at the leading worldwide cryptocurrency stock exchanges, trades on Forex and invests in real estate. This provides every client with the wide range of opportunities for investment or getting passive income. Our experts conduct constant research of financial environment and trends monitoring. Such an approach lets them create the most profitable investment plans, improve the financial models’ flexibility and manage risks, providing every investor with a high percentage of profits.

Benjamin Wilder suggests you become a part of a team of successful investors. We are ready to provide you with a stable income and clear business conditions with minimal loss risks.

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Perspective cooperation
We are aimed at long-term co-working. Investing, you become our full partner.
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All the deposits and any kind of given information are safely protected due to multilevel security systems, such as 2FA, DDos-guard, SSL encryption.
24-hour support
In case if you have some problems, our support service is always ready to answer any questions you have.
Payment systems
Making deposits or withdraws is quite easy. Our site has 6 different payment systems. Choose the most suitable for deposit one.


Our company has an official registration which presents us as the international financial organization. It gives us a right to conduct official bargains and do business in the international investment market. The certificate confirms the safety of our deals and allows us doing business and cooperating with the leading financial and real estate market’s companies.

Our office is placed in London. To confirm it, you can find us in the register of companies in Great Britain. It is absolutely opened for viewing.